Looking for a unicycle? Flat rate $25 delivery to all of Singapore or self-collect at our unicycle meets on Thursday evenings where we’ll teach you to ride too!

19" Team-Uni Trials Unicycle

20" Team-Uni Trials UnicycleOur new Trials unicycle is built for jumps and tricks and comes at an affordable price! More Info »
Price: $325.00

24" Team-Uni Mountain Unicycle

24" Team-Uni Muni Our new muni for offroad rides and commuting! More Info »
Price: $350.00

16" Team-Uni Beginner Unicycle

Team-Uni Beginner UnicycleOur most budget-friendly unicycle for kids under 1.5m tall (roughly 6-12 years old) More Info »
Price: $150.00

29" Qu-Ax Cross Unicycle

cross29blackThumbOnce you've mastered unicycling, you'll want to get a bigger ride for commuting or plain offroad riding. More Info »
Price: $430.00

125mm ISIS Cranks

ISIS 125mm cranksFit these to your 24" or 29" unicycles to go faster! Or replace your current broken cranks. More Info »
Price: $40.00

89mm ISIS cranks

89mm ISIS cranksConvert your existing unicycle to a freestyle uni or to make large wheels go even faster! More Info »
Price: $40.00


minibikeThe Qu-Ax minibike is one of the smallest bikes of the world! Get it here! More Info »
Price: $300.00

Odyssey Trail Mix Pedals

Odyssey Trial Mix PedalsProbably one of the better BMX pedals there are, these are grippy and perfect for trails. More Info »
Price: $70.00