16″ Beginner Unicycle

16" Beginner Unicycle

Summer, the sea, halcyon days.  That’s our theme for this season’s unicycle color! Our 16″ Beginner Unicycle fits kids under 12 (you may have to saw off a bit more of the post if your kid’s shorter) and is plenty of fun!

*Not suitable for adults*


Specs -

  • 4.2kg
  • 16″ basic tire and rim
  • Round-top frame
  • Square-taper hub/cranks
  • Plastic pedals with rubber surface – Plastic means less pain if you smack your shins on your pedals and the rubber’s for added grip. (Note: Might be slippery when riding in rain)
  • Comfy cushioned seat with handle - The most valuable part of your unicycle – comfort.
  • Quick-release seat clamp – To quickly adjust and straighten your saddle. Convenience for beginners.
  • Metal stand included 

16" Beginner Unicycle16" Beginner Unicycle16" Beginner Unicycle

16″ Beginner Unicycle


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